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Brevard County Home Values

Determining the value of your Brevard County home begins with understanding what’s selling on the real estate market. Specifically looking at homes of the same age and construction within the same area of your current home is the best way to arrive at market value, but it is only the beginning. Real estate brokers and Realtors use a tool called the comparative market analysis (CMA) to come up with listing and probable sale prices. The CMA considers a lot of the same data used in the appraisal process; however, an appraisal is not concerned with attractive listing prices; it is concerned with determining EXACT value.

As stated in other areas of this website, you owe it to yourself to gather the opinions of several experienced real estate agents before you list your home. Homeowners today do understand what improvements are worth while; however, many are guilty of over-spending to the point where they will never recover their investment when they go to sell. An experienced agent of the market will be able to quantify how the upgrades you made to your home will affect its value.

The agent you hire should always seek to maximize your net proceeds, but it’s important that he or she is honest about value and does not inflate it for the purpose of being hired. Think about it. If you’re told by 3 agents that your home is worth $225,000 and another agent suggests a figure closer to $250,000, that agent is probably fishing for a listing only to badger you for a price reduction down the road. That agent is doing you no favors. Even if that agent were to find a buyer willing to pay the inflated value, if that buyer is using a loan (like most buyers) the home will still have to appraise for contract price in order to receive loan approval. Homes that are overpriced almost always sit on the market and are looked over by serious buyers. This ends up costing everybody a lot of time and often untold amounts of money.

Honesty is always the best policy. Florida Elite Real Estate can help you sell your home in a timely fashion and will always strive for top dollar, but we will not lie to you. If you value honesty and persistence, please call us today.

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