Our Socia Media Presence

Our Social Media Presence

social-media-and-real-estate   Social media continues to revolutionize the real estate industry. It increases brand awareness, increases buyer and seller leads, and increases potential sales. While it seems the vast majority of Brevard County Realtors have at least some presence in this sphere, we decided to go “all-in” with its social media presence. No longer is a blog or a Facebook page with the daily posting good enough to drive traffic to our listings and our services. We are at the forefront of what is possible on social media. In short, we are able to extend our reach to homebuyers in fundamental, targeted ways that help us sell our listings.
   The number of social media platforms is mind-boggling, but we’ve found that the vast majority of those who participate maintain a Facebook account. In fact, 58% of the entire adult population of the United States maintains a Facebook account. Since only 81% of all adults in the United States use the internet, almost 3/4 of adults who are online use Facebook. This social network is intuitive in that it knows where you live and more importantly, how you live based on the things that you like and the information you provide. This makes advertising and targeting specific portions of the population very easy.

Facebook Ads in Action

satellite-beach-facebook   Maybe you’ve seen some of our work in action: Over the last six months, our targeted ads have been very helpful to us and our clients. To give you an idea how this works, I can easily run an ad featuring homes for sale in Satellite Beach only to people who live in Satellite Beach. We can narrow that list based on the user’s age, interests and profession. We can market to people based on their level of education, their language, favorite sports teams… whatever! Whether we’re selling vintage basketball jerseys to somebody in Melbourne Beach or Melbourne Beach oceanfront homes to potential buyers who live in New Jersey, it’s all the same skill set. Knowing how to use Facebook to its fullest potential to increase sales is driving the new economy and is adaptable to virtually anything – real estate included. Facebook allows us to put specific properties in front of an audience of the most-likely consumers who may not even be in the market to buy a home.
golf-communities-of-viera-ad   While running a listing ad in Satellite Beach, we can post an ad for Viera golf course homes to all Facebook users between the ages of 30 & 65 who live within 10 miles (or any range) of Viera who are interested in golf. With a very small investment, this sort of Facebook ad can easily reach 1,000-2,000 potential buyers who are all interested in golf and live within 10 miles of Viera, FL. Out of the people who see the ad, we’re provided with specific analytic data of those viewers. We are privy to how many people clicked the ad, “shared” the ad, how many people visited our website or Facebook page. We gather further data like daily page views from our actual website. The end result are buyer leads which are captured and sent directly to us by e-mail and text message.
lansing-island-facebook   Meanwhile, if we so choose, we can broadcast listings for sale in a luxury intracoastal home community to people who live and work in Manhattan, Miami, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, you name it! We do this to maintain and build our large buyer database. As of 2016, we maintain four Facebook pages, and there’s no limit to how many we might create in the future. Additionally, there is no limit to the amount of custom search links that we can create on our website. Ultimately, this bridges the gap between buyer and seller. The possibilities are truly only limited by the amount of different people and areas of the world and the adaptation of social media.
   Facebook now synchronizes perfectly with Instagram, which now boasts over 600 million global users. Boosted posts from our Facebook page are broadcasted seamlessly to Owner Matt Canina’s Instagram platform in order to reach a whole different audience. Again, all of these additional steps take relatively little money for the effects they produce. An ad that runs for 7 days and reaches 2,500 people might only cost 10 dollars. Take a look at below. The Facebook mobile ad on the left features homes for sale in Viera. Now look below it to see how it is received on Instagram. Each ad takes viewers directly to a predetermined page. It could be a city page, a neighborhood or a specific home.

Investing in the Future

   Social media itself proves that great investments can be made with little or no money. The ads we create cost very little and only a small amount of time. Yet, they pay off BIG TIME for our sellers. While it would be foolish to give away all the tricks of the trade, it’s important to display some of the newer tools we use to reach out and help buyers and sellers. Competition can be fierce in our real estate market, and there is no substitution for constantly learning and improving the craft of selling real estate for top dollar.
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