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The Brevard County real estate market is one best navigated with an experienced Realtor – somebody on your side fighting for your best interest. Florida’s Space Coast offers homebuyers so many great neighborhoods from which to choose with new construction offerings popping up everywhere. Looking to live Beachside? How about something newer in Melbourne or Viera? Most buyers find themselves torn because there are almost too many great options. This is one area where we excel.

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Sellers pay 100% of brokerage commissions in Florida real estate transactions, so buyers who work with us have the luxury of professional representation at no cost. Our commitment to buyers who choose to work exclusively with us surpasses any standard of service.

Get pre-approved

If you aren't planning to pay cash for the entire purchase, the first step to buying a home is making sure you can get a loan. Getting pre-approved or pre-qualified is not as difficult or time consuming as you might expect. We work with a variety of private, local, regional and national lenders that can get you pre-approved or pre-qualified for a loan in minutes.

Know the market

Knowledge is power. We'll make sure you're well-informed on what's going on in the market so that you can spot a good deal when you see one. Knowing your criteria is the first step we take to getting you set on the right path. Click here.

Shop for a home

Unless you know exactly what you want, it will likely take viewing at least a few homes before making an offer. The best homes sell within days and sometimes hours of being listed. A skilled real estate agent monitors the MLS so his/her client doesn’t miss the perfect home. When the market doesn’t offer the perfect home, the best Realtors are those that proactively work to find off market homes and pocket listings. Just starting your search? Exhausted by searching? We’d like to help!

Make an Offer

A good offer versus an acceptable offer are often different things. Making offers is situational and making a good offer is conditional upon so many factors including: The supply of similarly priced homes, the supply of other buyers, number of days on the market, comparable sales, comparable pending sales, macroeconomic influences like bond yields. A good offer will also protect you from losing your escrow deposit and having sufficient time to conduct any and all home inspections.

From contract to close

Every step of the way, we'll be there to guide you through your real estate transaction. Once we have a fully-executed contract, we will provide you with a contract timeline outlining all significant dates and deadlines that must be met according to the sales contract. At this point, we will provide a list of reputable home inspectors. If issues arise during the inspection, we can either ask for repairs, renegotiate on various terms or cancel the contract in its entirety. Our goal is to get you in the right house that doesn't cause you problems down the road. If you're satisfied with the inspection, we will move forward and do everything in our power to expedite the loan approval process.

Closing Day

A number of things may need to occur prior to closing that are common though not necessary to every real estate transaction. For instance: Repairs, re-inspections, surveys, lien releases and probate are all things that you might encounter when buying a home. In any case, we will make sure all conditions of your lender are satisfied with plenty of time to spare before your closing date.

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