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Resident Selection Criteria, Process and Disclosure:

A NON-REFUNDABLE fee of $65.00 for EACH ADULT (18+) to occupy the rental property is due at the time of submitting this application. We accept cash, cashier’s checks, money orders & electronic transfers through Zelle and Venmo. See info below. All funds must be payable to Florida Elite Real Estate.

By signing below, you understand the Landlord and his/her Broker/Agent will require you to furnish proof of identification (copy of Driver’s License, passport, Military ID); and, proof of income and employment (tax returns, bank statements, check stubs, investment account statements, etc.). 

By filling out the rental application below, you authorize Florida Elite Real Estate and/or representatives to review your credit, criminal and eviction history with any property owner, Broker/Agent, or Landlord for the purpose of obtaining a Rental Agreement for a property identified below. In the event that there are multiple applications for the same rental property/listing, you accept the Landlord’s decision regarding whom is approved and who is rejected unequivocally. Our Company Policy is to prosecute all fraudulent checks and activity to the fullest extent that the law allows and report to the Credit Bureaus any non-compliance with the terms of a lease or any non-payments of Rents owed. We will not share the report with you. However, we will provide you with your beacon score. You understand any misrepresentations made on the Application will be cause to reject the Application and terminate any proposed rental agreement at the Landlord’s instruction.

Please fill out the application completely:

If there is more than 1 adult (18+) applying, please fill out two separate applications and send application fees together.

Payment Options:

IMPORTANT!!! Your application will NOT be processesed until we receive $65 per adult applicant (age 18+).


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